Many thanks to The Fairway vendors at Fair Saint Louis 2017. Stay tuned for updates for Fair Saint Louis 2018. If you are interested in becoming a Fairway vendor information should be available in January 2018 or you may contact Julie Donnelly at


Fair Saint Louis is hosting a cultural art area by allowing local and regional artisans and vendors the opportunity to sell creative and unique products, showcase their talents while featuring a place within the Fair for festival-goers to relax, shop and support artisans.  Fair Saint Louis reserves the right to make final determination regarding which category best describes the vendor.

Types of allowed vendors in The Fairway are placed in one of three categories:

  • Artist/Crafter – to be considered an artist/crafter, vendors must make their products with their own hands. We are interested in unique products.
  • Merchandise Vendor – vendors who sell merchandise that they do not personally make by hand.
  • Roaming Vendor – (limited availability) – ALL SLOTS FULL

For more information, please contact Julie Donnelly at:




2017 Fairway Vendors

The Fairway is located on Lagoon Drive just west of the Grand Basin. Check out what the 2017 Fairway vendors have to offer.

Beatrice’s Traveling Boutique – t-shirts, accessories and home decor are all designed and made by owner.

Gadgets – flash lights, action cameras, solar phone chargers, head phones, phone cords and chargers, Yeti cup accessories, smart watches.

Hi Tech Toys – get your glow on and light up the night, look for the glow products vendors roaming on Art Hill.

Inspired Elf Company, LLC – OMG Peeler/Spiralizer

Papavero Boutique – women’s clothing and accessories.

Popticals – High-performance sunglasses that don’t get scratched or broken thanks to their innovative compact design. Pack Small. Live Big.

Scopedawg Optics – merchandise relating to August eclipse including glasses, binocular/camera lens filters, maps, books, poster, t-shirts and caps.

Sink-It by Gates Enterprises – Sink-It is an outdoor game for ages 10 to adult for 2 to 4 players. Debuting at Fair Saint Louis!

Stella Grace Hair Accessories – handmade hair bows, bow ties, hair clips and headbands.