Maps, Directions & Parking

We proved last year that a comprehensive transportation and parking plan would make getting in and out of Forest Park for Fair Saint Louis a breeze. We’re committed to once again providing the information you need to get safely to and from Fair Saint Louis for this year’s festivities July 2, 3 and 4.

Wherever your trip originates, and whether you choose to take MetroLink, bike or drive to the Fair, we’ll make sure you have a clear route to make your trip as smooth as possible to enjoy America’s Biggest Birthday Party. Detailed routes and maps will be added here in the weeks leading up to the Fair, so be sure to check back.


Click on any map to see a larger view.

Entrance to the park is via the designated entrances only. Parking is free until noon on Thursday the 3rd and until 10a.m. on the 4th and the 5th.

Before choosing your route, remember that Metrolink will offer the most convenient way to the fair. Check for Metrolink stations along your chosen route.

Pay attention to road signs. Some roads will be closed the weekend of the fair.

Disregarding or deviating from the routes below will cause delays and increase your travel time.

Absolutely no parking in residential neighborhoods.

Absolutely no parking on forest park streets.

Please Respect the Neighborhood

Be respectful of neighborhood streets signed as "Road Closed - Local Traffic Only"

Be respectful of businesses posting "No Public Parking" on their parking lots

Thank You and enjoy the Fair!

Biking to the Fair is another great option, and a Bike Valet will be available for people who choose that option.Those who live in the neighborhoods surrounding Forest Park are also encouraged to consider walking to the nearest shuttle stop. See the Shuttle Route map for details


Park Bike Routes


Fairgoers will be able to catch a cab at the dedicated Cab Stand on DeBaliviere and Pershing, just north of the MetroLink station.

Entering this event constitutes implied consent of each event-goer to Fair Saint Louis’ use of his/her image and/or likeness incidental to any photographic, digital or video use, publication, display, transmission or recording of the event.

No Unauthorized Vendors, Solicitations, Handbills, Sampling, Give-aways, Etc.

Alcoholic Beverages may not be taken in or out of gates.

Video Surveillance cameras are present.

Fair Saint Louis reserves the right to deny entry or remove anyone from the Fair in violation of these policies.